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To be able to keep thinking in possibilites we all need inspiration. Inspiration for body, soul, mind and heart. Art and literature are indispensable as source for inspiration. This is my contribution to inspire. In the hope it creates connection and/or conversation.

Traveler, your footprints

Sometimes we hold ourselves hostage in figuring out how the future needs to look. In…

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Will you fall into the hole or go through the portal?

Who do you want to be in this time of crisis? A lot of people…

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A way to center myself

There are many ways that I use to recenter myself in stressful moments. My body…

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Soul power versus will power

Linked in article November 9, 2018 We have often reached quite some goals in life…

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If we only have love

This week I heard the speaker/author/coach Alan Seale say, that every time before he gets…

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Go further or be here?

Our (Western) world is very much focused on 'further on!'. As if it is always…

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“It’s simple”, says the tree

We just had he shortest day of the year. Time to turn inwards. Even though…

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